Yoga is a recognised way of helping us cope with the pressures of our modern society.  Many of us sit for too long, sleep too little, worry too much and forget about looking after ourselves.  It allows us to get back in touch with ourselves and take some time out from stressful routines.

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Yoga provides many benefits for both body and mind.  It can be enjoyed to improve the body’s strength, mobility, flexibility and balance.  For the mind, it provides calmness, concentration, self awareness and relief from stress and anxiety.  It makes you happy, so it’s also great for those around you because nobody wants to be around a grumpy pants!

Janine teaches Purna yoga; a blend of pranayama (breathing), asana (physical poses) and meditation / relaxation.   Purna yoga is not a ‘hot’ style of yoga.   Any sweat produced is from your own hard work.  Classes vary from week to week, focusing on different areas of the body.

All equipment is provided: Mats, blankets, bolsters, blocks, belts.  You are welcome to bring your own equipment if you prefer.  Just wear something comfortable.

The aim is to have you leaving feeling physically and mentally happier than when you arrived!

Check our @omyumyogandfood facebook page for any schedule updates or changes.

Not sure about something?  Please feel free to contact us.