Om Yum operates under the company Lee Hive Pty Ltd.  In addition to yoga and food, directors Mike and Janine are proud to offer a range of diverse specialist services to individuals and organisations.

Janine is an experienced business analyst and consultant who has worked in a diverse range of industries including aviation, utilities, tourism and insurance. Specialities include:
– mathematical/financial analysis & reporting
– forecast modelling
– preparation of business cases and market updates
– strategy & planning
– complex problem solving
– software product strategy & development

Mike has two engineering trades and a host of diplomas spanning law enforcement, security, risk management and WHS.  He has extensive experience in forensic fatal accident investigation, engineering investigations and workplace investigations. Mike has presented expert evidence in criminal and civil jurisdictions on some of the most complex transportation multiple-fatalities in NSW. 

Mike is available for conducting independent investigations into WHS, bullying and harassment, and environmental cases. He can train employees in investigative techniques and incident scene processing, enabling an employer to improve safety and efficiency through accurate problem solving.

Even Vanilla Ice would agree that if you have a problem, Lee Hive will solve it! Please Contact Us for further details.