We love yoga and food at Om Yum, plus our bees! We are very proud of our 4 backyard beehives and we’re pretty sure our bees love yoga and food too. While they may not be great at yoga poses, they are excellent at humming (Ommmmmmm-ing…yoga joke) and they also love feasting on nectar and pollen. With an abundant variety of native flowers always in bloom, we provide our bees with a perfect environment to live happily and productively.  They are relentless workers and contentedly produce delicious honey all year round.

When it comes time for honey harvesting, it’s a real gloved-hands-on process.  The frames are extracted from the hives (think of Janine in a beekeeper suit sending calming vibes to the thousands of bees!) and the honeycomb is uncapped by hand (think of Mike meticulously uncapping each honey cell!). Honey is extracted, strained through a stainless steel filter and bottled. Simple. We keep things as natural as possible. There is no heating, processing or tampering whatsoever.  The “sticky” frames are then returned to the hives so the bees can rebuild their honeycomb on the natural beeswax foundation.

Once bottled, raw honey has the tendency to crystallise very quickly in cool weather, and will change from a clear liquid to a consistency more like peanut butter. This is normal as raw honey contains small particles of pollen, beeswax, and propolis. This is the good stuff. Raw honey is not pasteurised like the many brands of commercial honey you might see on supermarket shelves. Heating honey over approximately 40oC (think of the maximum temperature in a beehive) destroys the beneficial enzymes, and we deliberately choose to keep the goodness in. Please don’t wreck your honey by putting it in the microwave!

Bees are fascinating insects and their help in pollination around Om Yum is really appreciated.  We won’t claim that our honey has magical powers, but research has shown that raw honey has many benefits, both internal and external. Go ahead and do some research and you’ll quickly discover that honey is almost like medicine. Just don’t tell your kids that when you next give it to them on toast! (Note: It is recommended that raw honey is not given to babies under 1 year old).

Uses and benefits of raw honey:

–          A source of anti-oxidants

–          Anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties

–          Anti-bacterial properties may assist in wound care

–          May help reduce onset and symptoms of allergies, particularly hayfever

–          May assist with sore throats and digestion issues

–          Interesting form of hair gel (Mike wrote this)

Doesn’t this make you want to go and eat a teaspoon of straight raw honey right now?!

We hope you enjoy your Om Yum Honey. If you have any questions about beekeeping, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us. Prepare to have your ear talked off because we love talking about all thing bees!

Macro Bee Flower Nectar

honey bee on grevillea

bottled honey

Freshly harvested honey, ready to go to a new home.