The food side is Mike’s domain.  He’s the class clown of the kitchen and doesn’t play by the rules.  He doesn’t follow recipes or try to copy something from the myriad of TV cooking shows.  Everything is based on his experience with spices and cooking styles and extensive experience in eating out for the food rather than the setting.

Fancy words are banned in his kitchen.  How it’s described on the menu will be exactly what it is without the mystique of a few French borrowings.

You can expect lots of flavours, very aromatic foods with quality ingredients from the garden or trusted sources.  As an example, meats for curries are not pre-cooked and added to the sauces, it is done from scratch.  There’s no ‘ding’ of a microwave replacing the slow cooking required for a lamb curry.

Examples from the Middle East include lamb kofta and tabouli.  From Thailand there are chicken satay skewers.  From India, Dhal and Lamb Vindaloo.  From Italy, freshly made bruschetta and pasta dishes.

prawns  Ghost chilli  bau