Om Yum is the marriage of two passions; yoga and food.  The Om represents Janine’s devotion to yoga and the Yum represents Mike’s love of cooking for people.  Together, they provide the perfect blend of yoga and food to give your body it’s physical, emotional and nutritional happiness.

Janine has over twenty years of yoga love and experience.   Janine’s goal is to share her love of yoga and its benefits with everybody.

Mike has been eating for almost half a century and considers himself very experienced!  He prides himself on making meals from scratch without short-cuts.  There’s no cheating  with pre-made sauces nor the facade of excessive presentation.  The meals are generous in both volume and flavour.

Om Yum offers a range of very affordable options for you to enjoy yoga and food in the atmosphere of a rural setting.

We look forward to genuine feedback and suggestions, so please Contact Us .